These rules allow you to normalize or standardize your data based on a specific criteria.  Transform Rules are applied in the Brushr module but the rule itself must be defined in Supervisr.  

To Create a new rule, press the ADD RULE button. This will open the Rule Dialogue window, which consists of 3 sections.

  • The left hand-side of the screen allows users to specify a rule name and description. 
  • The Rules Designer section contains a list of optional "Format" rules on the left that can be dragged into the designer work area on the right to build rules.  A sample of available rules:
  • Change text case (UPPERCASE, lowercase and Proper Case)
  • Format phone number (E164, International, National and RFC3966)
  • Format country (Full Name, Abbreviate to 2 letters or 3 letters) 
  • Format state (Full Name or Abbreviate to 2 letters)
  • The Rule Preview window below displays the results of the rule with sample data.  

TIP: Any changes to the rule can be immediately observed in the Preview area.

Good to know: A flag next to the Rule Preview label will automatically display the validity of the current rule.  

Press SAVE to create the rule or Cancel to exit without saving.