The Rule Designer is a powerful declarative utility used to create custom logic within DataGroomr using clicks, not code. The Rule Designer is accompanied by the Merge Rules: Preview Section to showcase the function of the rule being build on a live basis. 

The tabs on the left side contain components that can be dragged to the work area, connected and configured in order to construct a completed rule.

  1. Blocks in a rule are executed sequentially from top to bottom
  2. The valid top-level blocks in a rule are "for [____] fields", "for [____] records" and "distribute values";
  3. Multiple loops can be included in each rule and multiple blocks can be nested in each loop;
  4. Many blocks include drop down fields that will contain all available options.  For components with field names, the drop-down list will include all the fields listed in the Available Fields area.
  5. Functions and logic are specific to the rule type being designed
    1. Merge Rules: Field Merge Rule
    2. Transform Rules
    3. Merge Rules: Master Record Selection

Right Click

Right button click will bring up additional context menus to quickly duplicate, remove, collapse/expand, add/remove comment, delete or disable blocks.

Backspace/Delete Key

Remove the currently selected block as denoted by the yellow outline

Dragging and Dropping

Drag and drop blocks into the correct execution order. Blocks can be dragged back into the grey selection area if the currently selected block is to be removed.