Trimmr includes the ability to mass convert leads to contacts or accounts.

Converting Leads to Existing Contacts

Create a cross-object dataset with Contacts as a Parent dataset and Leads as a child dataset.  

Note: A Leads in Contacts dataset is created by default when you first log in.

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Creating cross-object dataset

Similar to mass merge, all duplicate groups are assigned a match confidence score of between 1-100. The higher the score, the higher the probability that the lead records inside the group are genuine duplicates to the existing contacts.


To convert leads in bulk, select the MASS CONVERT button from the duplicate group list view.

Tip: We always recommend working individually with matched groups for some period of time in order to identify a comfortable Match Confidence level for Mass Convert. 


In the displayed window, drag bar to select the minimum match confidence level to use as a basis for the mass convert. 

Field value rule selected in the dataset settings will be applied on mass convert.

Read more about creating your own convert rules
Field value rules

Press the CONVERT ALL button to begin conversion, duplicate leads will be converted to existing contacts and accounts.

Converting Leads to Existing Accounts

Similarly, DataGroomr allows you to compare Leads to existing Accounts.

Create a cross-object dataset with Accounts as a Parent dataset and Leads as a child dataset and follow the steps

Tip: Usually when comparing leads to accounts the most relevant field to match is Company, so we recommend having a custom matching model trained on the Company field. Learn more: Supervisr - Matching Models

Converting a lead to exiting account will create a new contact linked to the matched account.

Converting All Leads

Occasionally there is a desire to convert all Leads (not just the matched ones) to Contacts.  If you'd like to convert all leads (including those that did not match to existing contacts or accounts) simply move the match confidence to 0 on the Mass Convert dialog.

DataGroomr will convert leads with creation of new contacts and accounts and current user will be an owner for the converted records.