Dataset configurations control all aspect of which data is displayed, analyzed and verified.  For existing datasets the configuration is accessible from the BRUSHR dashboard and within the review panel.  The configuration panel is always shown when creating a new dataset.

The Dataset dialogue consists of 4 tabs.

  1. General Tab - this section is used to name the dataset and select a Salesforce object.
  2. Fields Tab - this section is used to select the fields that will be displayed to the user.
  3. Filters Tab - this section allow users to specify a custom filter for the dataset.  This adds more flexibility to focus Brushr analytics and data management on a specific slice of data.  Users can add a filter by selecting a field from the drop-down list and then adding criteria and values.   Note: The Advanced button allows users to create a filter using SOQL.
  4. Data Verification - this section allows you to specify which fields are eligible for verification.  DataGroomr supports verification of email addresses, phone number and mailing addresses (coming soon).