Once a CSV file is analyzed, you have many options to work with the data in DataGroomr.

DataGroomr will create three buckets for each import.

  • Unmatched records - records that are not duplicates
  • Matched records - records that already have a duplicate in Salesforce
  • Imported records – any records imported into Salesforce will move to this bucket


Unmatched Records

Unmatched records can be imported individually or en masse.  To individually import records, select them and then press REVIEW button and then the IMPORT button to perform the actual import.

To mass import the unmatched records into Salesforce, click the MASS IMPORT button. You may also assign imported Leads or Contacts to a campaign by selecting the Assign to campaign check box and selecting an available campaign from the drop-down list

Matched Records

You can still work with data in the Matched Records bucket.  To do this, follow the same procedure as used in TRIMMR (see Duplicate Group Review).  

  • Update – click any field in the CSV record to copy the value to the corresponding field in the Salesforce record.  Press the Update button to update the Salesforce record.
  • Import – occasionally you may still want to import the duplicate record.  To do this, press the Import button.

You may also update any duplicate salesforce records en masse.  To do this, press the MASS UPDATE button. 

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Editing Data in A Review Panel

All data in the review panel can be edited prior to import.  

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Verify Phone/Email/Address

DataGroomr has the ability to verify certain fields including phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses (requires Credits - see Manage Credits).  To do this, select one or more records and press the REVIEW button. You may verify the entire row or data within an individual cell by clicking on the label.