The Rule Preview section displays the live result output of the rule created in the Rule Designer. Users can use randomized field data or pull in data from their live Salesforce production instance. 

Note: A flag next to the Rule Preview label will automatically display the validity of the current rule. 

Occasionally you will find that the auto-generated sample data does not sufficiently test your rule.  In this case, you may 

change the values by pressing the Edit button.  You have several options to change these values:

  1. Change auto-generated values Each cell will contain two icons to refresh or completely remove the value in that cell. Pressing the double arrow icon will generate a new random value.  The X icon will remove the value completely.  Good to know: The Remove icon will be grayed out in cells where empty fields are not permitted.
  2.  Load values from your Salesforce Data - if you would rather load actual data from your Salesforce org you have several options to do that from the top row in the preview.
    • You can have the application randomly select all records from Salesforce using the double arrow icon on the left side.
    • You can randomly select individual records from Salesforce using the double arrow icon inside each row.
    • You can select specific records from Salesforce by using the Search Salesforce field inside each row.  Good to know: You can search the records using any field including the record id.
  3. Change the order of displayed fields - Change the order of the displayed fields by dragging and dropping the fields in the Available Fields section. Changes in the field order will be shown in the Rule Preview section

Once you are satisfied with the sample data, press the Run button to preview the rule.