A Field Value Rule is intended to modify the data that is saved with the master (or surviving) record when a merge is performed (this differs from the Master Record Selection rules which determines which record will be retained).   The rules are built with the assistance of the Rule Designer.

The tabs on the left side contain components that can be dragged to the work area, connected and configured in order to construct a completed rule.

The Scenarios tab (shown below) includes few common rules that are fully completed.  They can be dragged into the work area and configured for your specific needs.

  1. Each rule must start with a For [      ] fields loop (multiple loops can be included in each rule).
  2. Many components include drop down fields that will contain all available options.  For components with field names, the drop down list will include all the fields listed in the Available Fields area.

Tip: The Preview section will display a the results of the created rule using sample data (learn more about this data and how to control it here)

Note: "Fill empty fields" field value rule is active by default. For all empty fields in a master record it copies values from non-blank from the most recently modified record in a group.