A Master Record Selection rule is created by sorting duplicate records.  The sort criteria is specified in the Rule Designer section by dragging the Sort group by, then sort by,  prioritize record if and Set master to objects into the rules work area.

  1. Each rule must start with the Sort group by object, which determines the initial sort criteria.  Users can select the field name and sort order (Ascending/Descending).  There must only be one of these objects
  2. Additional sort criteria can be added using the then sort by object. Users must also select a field and sort criteria for this object. This object is optional, but multiple of these objects may be added.
  3. Finally a rule must be completed by adding the Set master to object.  Users must select first or last record for this object.

TIP: The Preview area will display a the results of the created rule using sample data.

Good to know: A flag next to the Rule Preview label will automatically display the validity of the current rule.