A Master Record Selection rule is created by sorting duplicate records.  The sort criteria is specified in the Rule Designer section by dragging the Sort group by, then sort by,  prioritize record if and Set master to objects into the rules work area.

  1. Each rule must start with the Sort group by object, which determines the initial sort criteria.  Users can select the field name and sort order (Ascending/Descending).  There must only be one of these blocks
  2. Additional sort criteria can be added using the then sort by block. Users must also select a field and sort criteria for this block. This block is optional, but multiple of these blocks may be added.
  3. Finally, a rule must be completed by adding the Set master to block.  Users must select first or last record for this block.

TIP: The Preview area will display a the results of the created rule using sample data.

Good to know: A flag next to the Rule Preview label will automatically display the validity of the current rule.

Let's take a closer look on each of available options: 


SORT GROUP BY [FIELD] [ORDER] - each rule must start with this block, it determines the initial sort order, you can choose a field that you want to use for sorting and the order (descending, ascending).

THEN SORT BY [FIELD] [ORDER] - the secondary sort order that will be apply to the group after the first one, you can use as many sort blocks as you need. For example:

AND PRIORITIZE RECORD IF [FIELD] [CONDITION] - it allows to prioritize the record from the matched group by some specific condition regardless of the main sort order. For example, mainly you want to sort the matched group by Last Modified, Created dates but if there is a record with Match Confidence greater than 90- you want to set this record as a master record:

SET MASTER TO [FIRST/LAST] RECORD - it can be used to determine which record (first or last one) from the sorted group will be chosen as a master record.


Values section contains blocks with plain values of Text, Number, True/False. These blocks can be used in connection with other blocks. 

TEXT - a text value

BOOLEAN - a boolean (true/false) value

NUMBER - a number value


The section contains blocks to manipulate field values and field names. 

FIELD VALUE [FIELD] - returns specified field value from a record field.

FIELD NAME [FIELD] - returns field name of the specified field.