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Trimmr Cross Object DataSet: allow Filter

We have a scenario where we are wanting to mass convert a group of leads that are on the Account > Leads Cross Object in a mass convert.  Example:

I want all leads that have not had any activity by the SDR in 61 days or more and convert those from the lead object to the account object.

If I do a single object, I can do a filter.  If I do a cross object, I cannot.  Please advise of the best way to do this with cross object. 
I would expect once I do the mapping between account and lead (or lead and contact) that I can then give parameters, filters on any of those fields that I have 'mapped'.

Another example would be if I have a lead source = Self Generated, that I would want to convert just that 'segment.'

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In Cross-Object datasets, the filters are taken from the Parent/Child singl-object datasets.

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