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Deduplicate incoming Leads against existing Leads AND Contacts when using Importr

When using Importr to batch import Leads, it would be great if I could see matches across both Lead and Contact records and then select how to resolve these all in one process.

Example: We run a webinar that has 100 attendees that participated through a 3rd party webinar service like GoToWebinar.  We export the list of attendees from that system to CSV.  We want to import them into Salesforce to associate these attendees with a Salesforce Campaign.  It's likely that the list of attendees includes: New Leads we want to create, existing Contacts, and existing Leads.  I'd like to be able to import this CSV through one process, not having to perform 2 imports: 1 for Leads, then another for Contacts, trying to then keep track of which entries were successfully imported as Leads.

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Thank you for suggestion. When you import CSV to Leads you can then download the unmatched records and then import them to Contacts. Would that work?

Hi Alex,

I am glad to let you know that we've implemented your suggestion and you can now compare Leads to both Leads and Contacts at the same time.

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