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Force Verification for Schedulr

I see that on the manual mass verification that there is a force verification feature. I think this feature is wildly important in case someone updates a phone number or an email in the system and it needs to get reverified. But some people may forget to manually do this from time to time and may want to schedule a job in order to accomplish this. Can we add the option for force verification? I know another simple solution for this is to use the trigger but the update piece of it is disabled. 

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Force verification helps when you need to reverify the value that has already been verified (for example, you may want to verify verified emails every 6 months to make sure they are still valid). If a value on a record is different from the value that has already been verified by DataGroomr then it will automatically be displayed as Unverified and DataGroomr will offer to verify it and will verify if it's executed from a scheduled job.

Does it help with your scenario, or do you still see a necessity to have Force switch for the scheduled job? 

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