• DG-3573 Brushr: Include verification status and date in the CSV exports
  • DG-3608 Trimmr: Display double slider with total number of records in the dataset filter
  • DG-3659 Transform rules: Format country using common country name
  • DG-3611 Add test class for NPSP merge handler example APEX class


  • DG-3604 Schedulr: Display Validity score filter in the advanced section
  • DG-3606 Display confirmation when cancelling and changes were made
  • DG-3629 Display role description and permissions in the roles listing


  • DG-3446 Brushr: Deleted sync fields still available in dataset to select after refresh objects 
  • DG-3569 Trimmr: Datasets display mode: Last analyzed time format is different in tooltip in both view
  • DG-3588 Two reports are sent for the same Analyze and Report job
  • DG-3618 Supervisr: Rule designer: A field order is wrong after saving rule
  • DG-3626 Brushr: Datasets display mode: After reloading page needs a lot of time to display DQ model in the grid
  • DG-3630 Tags permissions: if denied on the top level, all tags should be denied (existing and new)
  • DG-3636 Supervisr: DQ model rule designer: After adding ID field it cannot be removed
  • DG-3637 Brushr: Bypass active assignment rule is reset after saving dataset configuration
  • DG-3645 Importr: Owner update failed in Imported section of cross-object dataset
  • DG-3646 Importr: Some fields are not editable in cross-object dataset
  • DG-3662 Brushr: Tooltips are cut-off on the charts
  • DG-3667 Date and date\\time picker on review dialog does not allow to set value in future