Scoring and monitoring the quality of datasets are important in many ways. This feature set allows users to build scoring models that determine whether datasets are complete, consistent and up to date. The scoring of datasets also allows users to quickly gauge the health and quality of a dataset at a quick glance through Brushr Dashboards. Data Quality Models are assigned to the entire object, with the possibility of multiple Data Quality Models per Object

Accessing models

Navigate to Supervisr -> Objects or Supervisr -> Objects -> Data Quality Models.

Creating and editing a model

Click Add Model to open data quality model designer. To edit existing model, select it in the list and click Open.

Read more: Data quality models: editing a model

Viewing a Data Quality Model

The score computed by your Data Quality models are viewable in Brushr Dataset and Table views. More about accessing your Brushr dashboard can be found here 

Cloning model

Occasionally you may need to modify existing data quality model.  For example, you may need to remove or add a field.

To do this, select the rule and then press the CLONE button. 

Deleting model

A model can be deleted by selecting rule and then pressing the Trash button.