• DG-3373 Supervisr Data Quality: Scoring algorithm models
  • DG-3375 Brushr: Associate Data Quality models with a dataset
  • DG-3376 Brushr: Data Quality Completeness models are associated with the standard objects
  • DG-3498 Supervisr: Consistency data quality model functions
  • DG-3499 Supervisr: Timeliness data quality model functions
  • DG-3427 System management: Allow to restrict tags based on user roles


  • DG-3467 Switch datasets display mode between tiles and list view
  • DG-3471 Allow to bypass Salesforce active assignment rules
  • DG-3472 Allow to bypass standard Salesforce duplicate rules
  • DG-3476 Supervisr: Field merge rules - new "merge field" scenario
  • DG-3547 Supervisr: Re-order fields in the Rules preview panel
  • DG-3593 Verify: Allow to schedule Mass Verify job in free subscriptions


  • DG-3506 Trimmr: Lead in Contact: Unable to mass convert Leads
  • DG-3531 Importr: Unmapped and not display contact ID leads to case when some fields not displayed in review dialog
  • DG-3535 Special characters may break search in lookup fields
  • DG-3541 Auditr: Details of the event in the listing are only displayed for the portion of records
  • DG-3543 Supervisr: Rule preview: Select Random SF Record always choose the same record
  • DG-3583 Schedulr: Scheduled mass merge for cross-object dataset: no records merged