• DG-3239 Trimmr: Beta - Probabilistic similar match in classic models
  • DG-3351 Trimmr: Replace "Unmatched" with "All records"
  • DG-3408 Auditr: Tag event should be recorded in logs
  • DG-3426 Brushr: Precreate most commonly used transform rules
  • DG-3431 Brushr: Update transform rules preview panel for clarity
  • DG-3444 Trimmr: Allow to cancel analysis
  • DG-3447 Verification is available in all subscriptions


  • DG-3416 Global verification sync settings per object
  • DG-3410 Supervisr: ML Models: Do not display continuous training switch if "Anonymous stats collection" is off
  • DG-3417 Update Supervisr navigation for rules
  • DG-3420 Trimmr/Brushr/Importr datasets allow to search by Salesforce ID
  • DG-3424 Field value rules: distribute values should have field name blocks connected
  • DG-3435 Rules editor: dynamic block connection


  • DG-3425 Company in a grace period gets downgraded to verify license
  • DG-3430 Trimmr: Crossmatch Lead in Contact field value rule does not update master after merge
  • DG-3475 Sandbox access: Organization not found after Sandbox refresh
  • DG-3480 Schedulr: Triggers created by user continue running even if user removed from DataGrommr
  • DG-3493 Trimmr: Record duplicated on restore dialog after Deleting record from matched section and click UNDO
  • DG-3505 Trimmr: After analysis dataset is not refreshed if 0 records were load from salesforce