• DG-3354 Importr: Display preview on transform
  • DG-3377 Brushr: Allow to switch off DV score


  • DG-3387 Performance: Dataset numbers are cached
  • DG-3333 Brushr: Verify Custom Address fields
  • DG-3090 Update module widget look'n'feel
  • DG-3368 Minor cosmetic updates to fields on forms
  • DG-3407 Charge different number of credits to some countries
  • DG-3364 Performance and stability updates
  • DG-3367 Display recently viewed user accounts in the add user dialog


  • DG-2773 Failed tasks should be canceled by timeout
  • DG-3142 Supervisr: Crunching dialog keeps open after receiving notification "Model is ready for training'
  • DG-3280 Trimmr: Some account contact relations are not restored properly after Undo contacts merge 
  • DG-3329 Trimmr: Merge contacts from crossmatch dataset failed Can't merge contacts. These contacts have the same related account. Remove the redundant account–contact relationships and then try merging again.
  • DG-3339 Add Sandbox: Unable to add sandbox by name
  • DG-3341 Trimmr: Merge 3 contacts with accounts and direct account from slave not reparented to master
  • DG-3353 Match confidence field is available in Transform Rules
  • DG-3355 Fetch fails with certain Dataset filter condition due to chunked query error
  • DG-3358 Unable to load data from very large org >50M records within 1 hour
  • DG-3363 Importr: Transform preview: Matched checkbox becomes unclickable after enabling disabling Unmatched
  • DG-3366 Dataset configuration: When many Transform fields focus of action is wrong
  • DG-3372 Transform rule preview panel automatically resized
  • DG-3380 Recycle bin no records table cut short
  • DG-3389 European address suggestion may have an incorrect Street Building order
  • DG-3390 Bulk V2 may not be able to get data if accesstoken is expired
  • DG-3398 Supervisr: After clicking popup Model ready for training error occurs
  • DG-3409 Trimmr: Lead in Contact: Restore failed if child contact has direct account