Start by clicking on the Add Handler button, this will bring up an Add Handler dialog.

Specify the following values:

  • Endpoint URL in the form of the absolute URI, for example
  • Select an event which should trigger integration
    • Merge
  • Select all or specific datasets which should trigger integration
  • Optionally, specify endpoint description

Handle the event

DataGroomr sends the event data in the request body in JSON format. Each event is structured as an object with a type, context, request and response. In addition, DataGroomr includes the following request headers,

  • X-DataGroomr-Signature - signature generated by DataGroomr based on event body (Read more about verifying signature Check Event Signature)
  • X-DataGroomr-CorrelationId - unique event Correlation Id

As soon as you have the event object, check the type to know what kind of event happened. The following event types are available,

  • Merge - occurs when records are merged, overrides standard merge method.

Merge event format

  "request": [
      "masterRecord": {
        "attributes": {
          "type": "Account"
        "Id": "0014R00003GuGnnQAF"
      "recordToMergeIds": [

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