New + Improved

  • DG-2866 API for data ingestion from external systems 
  • DG-3066 Allow to resize columns on records review
  • DG-3068 Trimmr: Allow to merge any object to any object
  • DG-3019 Increase idle and session timeout to 1h
  • DG-3067 Navigate to the model from notification when model is ready for training 
  • DG-2942 Auditr: Undo merge: remove related contacts/accounts from master record 
  • DG-3084 Trimmr: Cross object dataset should include None option for the Field Value rules
  • DG-3100 Merge and Transform Rules: Current date and time (Now value) block 


  • DG-3105 Trimmr: Select record from one crossobject dataset and open another crossobject dataset and record still selected