New + Improved

  • DG-2983 Trimmr: Allow to include tags in the export file
  • DG-2992 Trimmr: Allow to filter by tags in mass merge/mass convert
  • DG-2985 Auditr: Clearer representation of merge/convert results


  • DG-2958 Matching Models: machine learning model is copied to Sandbox/Prod as Draft without no training info
  • DG-2993 Manage roles: Add existing role and dialog gets stuck
  • DG-2994 Brushr: Dataset configuration: Transform rule is not reset after cancel
  • DG-2995 Trimmr: Export file contains tags only for master record from the group
  • DG-2998 Trimmr: Export doesn't include tags for cross-object dataset
  • DG-2999 Supervisr: No indication for read-only fields
  • DG-3020 Trimmr: Unmatch does not load next group
  • DG-3021 Importr: Update does not advance to the next group
  • DG-3031 Auditr: Export events failed for very large list
  • DG-3035 Importr: Review dialog gets stuck if last group was updated
  • DG-3036 Importr: Update button is disabled when empty value is set by rule