New + Improved

  • DG-2945 Importr: Show "Select Display Fields" button
  • DG-2952 Importr: Allow to mass delete matched records
  • DG-2965 Importr: Allow to add accounts to campaign
  • DG-2978 Importr: Auto trim trailing and leading spaces
  • DG-2939 Supervisr: In merge rules allow to assign values to compound address fields
  • DG-2967 Supervisr: Allow to use field name and field value blocks in the master selection rule
  • DG-2980 Supervisr: Indicate readonly status for the fields that are not editable when designing rules
  • DG-2990 Brushr: Allow to reverify individual values
  • DG-2944 Trimmr: UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error is retried similar to Limit Exception


  • DG-2907 Schedulr: Notification email link is not linked to the corresponding log browser event for failed jobs
  • DG-2915 Auditr: No records are displayed to restore when many were merged and some were deleted from Recycle Bin
  • DG-2954 Importr: Duplicate analysis finished but no matches found
  • DG-2956 Manage Sandboxes: User input isn't validated for Sandbox ID
  • DG-2960 Auditr: Multiple analysis requests generate redundant log entries
  • DG-2968 "Something went wrong" error for new dataset with asterisk in the name
  • DG-2969 Auditr: Number of Accounts added to campaign is incorrect after import or mass update
  • DG-2984 Trimmr: Failed mass convert does not show error details
  • DG-2987 Trimmr: Dataset configuration is reset if it is opened during analysis