New + Improved

  • DG-2717 Trimmr, Brushr, Importr: Performance and stability improvements
  • DG-2761 Trimmr: Updated export experience - display progress, display events in Auditr, support exporting very large number of records
  • DG-2823 Lightning Component: Allow to convert leads
  • DG-2797 Schedulr: Group jobs by the applicable module


  • DG-2768 Brushr: Support mass transform and mass delete for very large datasets
  • DG-2699 Importr: Unable to unmap fields
  • DG-2704 Supervisr: Records per page setting is not retained for the matching models page
  • DG-2705 System Management: Do not display Salesforce users until user starts typing
  • DG-2709 Importr: Mass update get stuck if lookup is not found
  • DG-2742 Brushr: Verify completed but value is not verified when address contains special charactered
  • DG-2759 Trimmr: Auto-correct SOQL query with multiple AND/OR conditions for PkChunking
  • DG-2772 Importr: Display errors in Auditr if Assign to Campaign fails
  • DG-2776 Importr: The field is skipped for all records during Mass Import if the first record in csv has this field empty
  • DG-2777 Trimmr: Master record field value updated by a Merge Rule even if it was manually excluded on the Preview
  • DG-2798 Trimmr: Location object analysis does not work
  • DG-2804 Trimmr: Equal address field values in review dialog shown as different
  • DG-2809 Schedulr: There is no Pro lock Icon on Schedulr job add dialog