New + Improved

  • DG-2700 Trimmr/Brushr/Importr: Allow to stop mass jobs
  • DG-2765 Brushr: Lower number of credits required for email and address verification
  • DG-2764 Trimmr: Apply master rule selection when exporting matched records
  • DG-2749 Auditr: Set retention period for events to 1 year
  • DG-2732 Brushr: Improve accuracy of email verification for certain SMTP error messages
  • DG-2713 Supervisr: Example of the API integration for merging Households using native NPSP merge
  • DG-2736 Importr: Allow to assign campaign on individual lead/contact update


  • DG-2704 Records per page setting is not retained for the matching models page
  • DG-2705 Do not display users until I start typing
  • DG-2708 Importr: Review dialog: After clicking lookup a previous value is not shown next to clear button 
  • DG-2709 Importr: Mass update gets stuck if lookup is not found
  • DG-2734 Schedulr: Sync to Salesforce job, Duplicate Rule is not set on the last step of the add job wizard
  • DG-2742 Brushr: Verify completed but value is not verified when address contains special charactered
  • DG-2743 Broken tooltips if field values contain HTML markup
  • DG-2759 Auto-correct SOQL query for pkchunking