New + Improved

  • DG-2411 Schedulr: Triggers - execute Transform or Validate after record created/updated
  • DG-2414 Schedulr: Add new trigger
  • DG-2413 Schedulr: Display triggers listing
  • DG-2412 Schedulr: Update navigation and dashboard page
  • DG-2487 Brushr: Allow to turn on Auto Apply Suggestions from dataset settings
  • DG-2451 Brushr: Allow to change order of transform actions
  • DG-2504 Auditr: Display list of records which were verified
  • DG-2464 Supervisr: Group datasets by modules in rule assign dialog
  • DG-2450 Global: Allow to opt out of data collection


  • DG-2483 Importr: Last Analyzed date is cashed on dataset page
  • DG-2481 Brushr: Last Analyzed date is cashed on dataset page 
  • DG-2371 Auditr: Auditr shows wrong number of records mass verified in Importr