New + Improved


  • DG-2250 Salesforce component to view potential duplicates from DataGroomr
  • DG-2293 Redirect to a requested page after login


  • DG-2275 Allow to create cross-object dataset between any types of objects
  • DG-2295 Allow to filter records by confidence score
  • DG-2290 Allow to clone dataset


  • DG-2269 Brushr: Allow to hide empty fields and select display fields from the review dialog


  • DG-2291 Allow to select matching model on import


  • DG-2292 Allow to preview transform rule on selected fields
  • DG-2274 Highlight changed values in transform rules preview
  • DG-2270 Restrict comparison type on Salesforce ID and Checkbox fields to exact


  • DG-2307 Trimmr: Filter Conditions with upper and lower case work differently when toggle filter mode
  • DG-2304 Sandbox - user account admin flag is not moved over when adding new sandbox
  • DG-2300 Basic filter doesn't display number values for picklist property type
  • DG-2296 Supervisr: Training not pulling reference fields when run on importr dataset
  • DG-2294 Basic filter including LIKE is converted to SOQL
  • DG-2289 Trimmr: When adding merge rule from dataset settings available fields are not automatically loaded
  • DG-2286 Log Browser: Restore dialog is empty when records merged with endpoint
  • DG-2273 Supervisr: Search filter for transform rules does not work
  • DG-2268 Importr: Fields remapping is wrong when swap 2 fields