DataGroomr Duplicates lightning component lets you view potential duplicates from all Trimmr datasets directly in Salesforce.


Component can be added to any record page layout by following these steps.

Note: Make sure the AppExchange DataGroomr package installed in your org is Summer'22 or later version.

On an individual record page hit Edit Page

Drag and drop DataGroomr Duplicates component from the left rail to the desired placeholder on the right.

Hit Save to save page layout modifications, repeat for other objects as required.

Tip: Records displayed in a component will be grouped by dataset. Component can be added to any standard or custom object record page layout.


The following settings of the component can be configured using the properties panel on the right-hand side (make sure component is selected on the Lightning App Builder page).

  • Display Additional Fields (optional) - allows to specify a Field Set that contains additional columns (can be configured in Object Manager, learn more About Field Sets (
  • Show More Height (optional) - if component exceeds height specified here it will display Show More button.
  • Show More Expanded Height (optional) - the height to which component will be expanded after Show More is clicked
  • Set Component Visibility (optional) - allows to specify when component is visible on a page, learn more Dynamic Lightning Pages (