The Mass Verify is one of several bulk operations available in Brushr. As the name suggests, users can verify fields for all (or a subset of) records in the current dataset. 

Start by selecting the Mass Verify option.

In the dialogue window, you can change the records that will be verified based on their Data Quality Value score.  Also, you can exclude or include fields that will be verified. 

Good to know: Force verification and Auto apply suggestions allow to control verification behavior

Force verification: By default, only new values are verified. This switch allows to run verification even if a value has been verified before.

Auto apply suggestions: This switch allows to automatically replace invalid value with a suggested valid value after verification.

Once you made your selections, press the Verify All button. 

Review the number of credits that will be required to perform this operation and press the Confirm button.


Note: if you do not have the correct number of credits an option to purchase additional credits will be provided.

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