Duplicate records identified by DataGroomr may be exported for additional analysis or integration with external systems. There are two export options available:

  • Export as a CSV file
  • Sync to Salesforce as Duplicate Record Sets

Both export options are accessible from the dataset extended menu.

Clicking on Export brings up the Export records dialog.

Export as CSV file

On the first step select which records to export and destination CSV File, on the next step select columns that should be included in export, Displayed fields or all Salesforce fields.

Export generates a CSV file with all duplicate groups. The result file contains all fields selected for display and two additional columns: _IsMaster bool flag indicated if record is designated as a master record and a _MasterId column that contains ID of the master record of a group.

Salesforce Duplicate Record Sets

Allows to export records as Salesforce Duplicate Record Sets. Selecting this option brings up a dialog to select desired match confidence and a duplicate rule from Salesforce.

Confirm button exports duplicate groups identified by DataGroomr and ensures Salesforce duplicate record sets associated with the selected Salesforce duplicate rule match. Read more about duplicate record sets in Salesforce.