Duplicate records identified by DataGroomr may be exported for additional analysis or integration with external systems. There are two export options available:

  • Export as a CSV file
  • Sync to Salesforce as Duplicate Record Sets

Both export options are accessible from the dataset extended menu.

Export as CSV


Generates a CSV file with all duplicate groups. The result file contains all fields selected for display and two additional columns: _IsMaster bool flag indicated if record is designated as a master record and a _MasterId column that contains ID of the master record of a group.

Sync to Salesforce

Allows to export records as Salesforce Duplicate Record Sets. Selecting this option brings up a dialog to select desired match confidence and a duplicate rule from Salesforce.

Sync all button exports duplicate groups identified by DataGroomr and ensures Salesforce duplicate record sets associated with the selected Salesforce duplicate rule match.