TRIMMR includes the ability to mass merge duplicate groups based on a confidence level (the certainly that the matched records are duplicates).  All duplicate groups are assigned a match confidence score of between 1-100. The higher the score, the higher the probability that the records within the groups are genuine duplicates.

Tip: We recommend that you work with Trimmr for some time before using Mass Merge.


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To run a mass merge task, select the MASS MERGE button from the duplicate group list view.


In the displayed window, drag bar to select the minimum match confidence level to use as a basis for the mass merge.  Then choose the preferred method for selecting a master record and a field value rule.

The following Master record rules are available by default:

  • Most Relevant - Record with the highest Score
  • Oldest - Record with the highest Score
  • Most Recently Modified - Record with the newest Last Modified Date

The following Field value rules are available by default:

  • Fill empty fields - Replace empty master record values with the values from the most recently modified record

Read more about creating your own merge rules
Master record rules
Field value rules

Finally, press the MERGE ALL button to begin merge.

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