New + Improved

  • AppExhange application is available for simplified access to DataGroomr from Salesforce tab

  • Importr - Module allows to dedupe and import records from CSV

  • Auditr - Enhanced filtering available by status, date and dataset

  • Schedulr - Job name is displayed in the Triggered by column in the Auditr

  • Importr - Added video walkthrough

  • Trimmr - Allow to review selected items if if display columns changed


  • Importr: Too big indent between field value and checkbox in matched section 

  • Importr: Number of matched group is set incorrectly

  • Fix log out due to inactivity

  • Trimmr fix tooltops display in review dialog

  • Trimmr review dialog do not display horizontal scrollbar in Firefox

  • Trimmr correct minimum date

  • Importr failed message may be shown on successful import